About the Firm

The head office of Misiūnas & Partners is set up in a skyscraper in the center of Vilnius offering convenient access for every client and assuring the highest standards of professional activity.

Law firm MISIŪNAS & PARTNERS is a rapidly growing team of young professionals but already having the experience of long and daily practical work at courts. The firm currently has over ten attorneys-at-law, associate attorneys and lawyers. The attorneys at the law firm MISIŪNAS & PARTNERS follow the saying that law is the mirror of human conscience, thus, everyone practises law in conformance with ones moral beliefs. Consequently, attorneys of Misiūnas & Partners are particularly careful in the selection of clients and assurance of the firms impeccable reputation as well as preservation of its one hundred percent reliability. Today we can already mention cases when we have achieved fascinating results in courts of all instances, in negotiations and different transfers in a professional, speedy, and low-cost manner. We are committed to our clients, sparing none of our free-time, youthful energy, or potential.

mm@misiunas.lt +370 5 2758858